Forbes Definition of Self-Made Success.

What does it mean to be a self-made millionaire?

Haha, good question! But unfortunately, this woman here, aka moi, has no idea what on Earth that means. My bank account is crying in distress right now. At least for now lol…

ANYwhooo, just three days ago, Forbes released an article, here, on how Kylie Jenner built her $900 Million fortune, in just under 3 years, which has led her to be on the fourth annual ranking of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. And she is only 20 years old.

She is a young woman winning and at the pinnacle of her life, and there is nothing wrong cheersing to that. So congratulations, to you, Kylie Jenner.

Confident women support, empower, and uplift girls and women.

HOWEVER, there is massive controversy over Forbes utilizing the term, self-made.

Why you may ask?

Well because the definition of self-made is an individual who does not have or leverage their privileges, such as being white or coming from wealth, to develop or grow their business or brand.

Now, I am not here to bash, belittle, or demean Kylie on her successes. I am not saying that she does not work hard as she probably attends all her meetings and leverages social media to nurture her brand. And according to the article, she invested “$250,000 of her earnings from modeling gigs to pay an outside company to produce the first $15,000 lip kits”. I am simply here to set the record straight on the term self-made and why the Forbes article is receiving some backlash.

Although the intentions of the article were to represent and highlight powerful women, in order to empower girls and women, it fails to touch base on something called white privilege and wealth.

To me, Kylie Jenner has not only succeeded by investing in her brand, sure, but succeeded by being white and already wealthy. Now, it is not only her white privilege that grew her brand and jumpstarted her career. It is the fact that she comes from a family of fame and fortune. But, the article, OF COURSE, failed to mention that as American society was and is built to support, uplift, nurture, and protect white people.

Again, I am not hating on Miss Jenner. I am simply just concerned and bothered by the fact that her privileges are being swept under the rug, ignored, and dismissed to be represented as an individual who is self-made. But, please, let’s be honest, by keeping it real.

1) She comes from two different fortunes, her Kardashian and Jenner estate,

2) She basicially grew up on what? The top reality tv show in the country, if not the world,

3) Is the baby sister of the famous Kim Kardashian West, whom we all know is outstandingly famous for leveraging her greatest assets {the physique kind},


4) is a young white woman. Let’s not forget that.

If you ask me, it does not seem like it was utterly difficult or nearly impossible for her cosmetics brand and career to take off, leading her to be on the cusp of becoming the world’s youngest billionaire, man or woman, ever.

All-encompassing, the lesson here is to always remember and acknowledge your privileges, especially in relation to your successes. It is not only the mature and responsible thing to do, but it is one of the most humble things an individual who comes from wealth to do. Ignoring the silver spoon you were fed with demonstrates your ignorance and lack of humility towards those who go to hell and back to get to where you are, and is dangerous to society’s progression, or growth, to inclusion, equality and equity.

I just hope Miss Jenner acknowledges her privileges and uses them to empower and support the young girls and women who look up to her, by teaching them that a silver spoon will only take you so far in life; as you will recieve a lot more respect, from others and yourself, because of your work ethic, passion, and dedication.

At least that is what I believe.

Otherwise, it is beautiful seeing women rise to success and positions of power in our patriarchal society.  Ladies let’s keep supporting, nurturing, and empowering each other!!!

And remember,

Confident Women Support, Empower, & Uplift Girls & Women. (1)



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6 thoughts on “Forbes Definition of Self-Made Success.

  1. I’m so glad you wrote about this, because this has been one of the biggest things on my mind the last few days. Kylie Jenner was born into an extremely wealthy family who only made more and more money throughout her childhood. She was put into the spotlight at a very young age, which led to her getting a modeling job with the snap of a finger. I don’t think I would even count that $250,000 she made as her money, either, as it came so much easier to her than most. Even if she wasn’t a talented model, she would still have made that money and would still have modeling opportunities just based on her face and parentage alone. Yes, she was very smart to invest “her” money into her future makeup brand and was very savvy to use her social media presence to sell her product. It was also very smart of her to create a brand in a field that works perfectly for her, as she is famous for being beautiful and famous, basically, and what can we all do to get closer to that? Makeup (a lot of sarcasm was included in that). However, she is probably the FARTHEST person from self-made that I can think of. Even Donald Trump worked harder for his fortune than she did. He began with a million and learned the ways of entrepreneurship to turn that million into multiple billions, and continued to work very, very hard with his many businesses. Kylie used her famous family name to get the startup money, claiming it as her own, and then used that money to create a brand that sold because of her fame.

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