This is Me!

Manchester, New Hampshire – 1998 Born.
Mindful-Independent Woman.
Raised as a Suburban Bostonian.
Food is the love of my life.
Honor Student@PaceUniv.
Family is my everything.
Always a leader.
Dreams really do come true…. I promise!

Hello, beautiful people!

My name is Innocyentia Bernadette Symoné Unique Lahens.

Welcome to my blog; Innocently!

I have blogged before; however, this is an upgrade to MUCH more! I will not only be posting more frequently and consistently but I will be sharing everything I am passionate about from natural hair, my aspirations, empowerment, politics, and maybe even more!

I am just a sassy, independent and outspoken woman who is looking to inspire, motivate and encourage others! My main goal in life is to ultimately empower women throughout all facets of life. I do not exactly know HOW I would like to achieve this…… BUT that is perfectly okay because I can and will start here! Lol, I guess you can call me a writer… Well, yes please call me a writer. I love to write, the creative kind anyway 😛

Sooooooo….. I hope you stick around and support me on my new and improved journey to blogging…. YAY!


Inspiration Behind ‘Innocently Fierce’:

Hahaha, I am sure many of you are wondering why this site is named ‘Innocently Fierce,’ how this name was established and all that jazz! If you have not noticed, Innocyentia, my name :), directly comes from the word innocence or innocent and means African Princess. As “innocent” Innocyentia, I figured incorporating myself into my brand and what I stand for could be something meaningful, beautiful and overall POSITIVE as I like to tackle life innocently.


Now, the inspiration behind utilizing the word, ‘fierce,’ is actually from watching, get ready to laugh lol…. America’s Next Top Model-like a million years ago! I remember the judges, especially Tyra Banks, always telling the contestants to be fierce and look fierce by smizing, which is smiling with the eyes, and by walking with a certain confidence and sass. And as I grew up, I took that into account, as I aspired to be a fashion designer and model at the time. However, as I grew into my adolescent years I kind of strayed away from that shows definition and reinvented my own.

To me, fierce means: carrying yourself with confidence, NOT pride; but, CONFIDENCE, conveying positivity and passion throughout your work and everyday life, and overcoming dark clouds, negativity, and barriers by staying strong and believing in yourself. But most importantly, is about tackling the challenges life throws at you with strength and courage.

Besides, a little fierce bite doesn’t hurt 😉


All-embracing, ‘Innocently Fierce,’ is about confidence, love, strength, perseverance, empowerment, passion, embracement and positivity. I am innocently fierce and if you convey these, then you are too, 😉 <3

Photo credits to good friends <3